2019年北美非开挖十大新闻事件(第一篇) 2019-12-31


Top 10 Most-Read Trenchless Stories of 2019: Part One

As 2019 comes to a close, we’re recapping the Top 10 Most-Read blog posts from trenchlesstechnology.com. These items were posted on the website in the last year and highlight the breadth of knowledge – about all aspects of the trenchless industry – contained in the pages of Trenchless Technology and on our website.
The Trenchless Technology team hopes you’ll enjoy this look back at our top posts. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

No. 10 –  Aegion Corp. Awarded $7.2M Memphis Rehab Project

Insituform Technologies LLC was awarded a contract valued at $7.2 million from the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Including this most recent contract award, the city of Memphis has awarded Insituform approximately $14.5 million in contracts since 2015.

No. 9 – MS4 Survey Reveals Stormwater Program Gaps and Opportunities

With municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permittees facing the brunt of these challenges, the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) Stormwater Institute wanted to learn directly from MS4s about what information and resources are needed. WEF conducted a national survey of MS4 permittees to identify the needs of these permittees and to better understand stormwater program challenges.

No. 8 – AWWA Releases Water Main Condition Assessment Manual

On June 24, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) released the first edition of its M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains. The manual provides technical information to aid utility managers and engineers in making informed decisions, along with practical information about how methods can be deployed.

No. 7 – Looking at the Toro & Charles Machine Works Deal

While the news in February that Toro Co. would acquire Charles Machine Works (CMW) may have blindsided the industry and CMW employees, talks between the two construction giants began more than two years ago with an unsolicited, preliminary, non-binding offer from Toro. Now that the deal is finalized, what’s next for the two companies?

No. 6 – Hard at Work with Hard Rock Directional Drilling

As the Texas sun beats down on Hard Rock Directional Drilling’s jobsite near the Cibolo Creek in South Central, Texas, owner Robert Myers surveys his team’s progress and takes a few moments to reflect on this challenging project and a few of their record-setting bores of the past. Seeing another project almost done is always a rewarding experience for Myers, a man who made the leap from employee to business owner back in 2003.

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