About Changsha

About Changsha

Changsha, a famous historic city in ancient Chu and Han dynasties, has long been known as "Home of Qu and Jia" due to the influence of Qu Yuan (great patriotic poet) and Jia Yi (famous politician and litterateur). Today, Changsha is a sacred place of the Revolution. Many attractions like Orange Island lying in the middle of Xiangjiang River, Yuelu Academy and Loving Dusk Pavilion (Aiwan ting) all left footprints of Mao Zedong, the great Chinese leader, while Huaminglou (a town of Ningxiang County, Changsha City) is the hometown of Liu Shaoqi (state leader).

Changsha has been richly endowed with poetic and picturesque scenery from ancient times. You can capture the charm of the Yuelu Mountain standing in the west, embrace the beauty of the Xiangjiang River running through the city, and marvel at by the peculiarity of the Yueliang Island. Also, you can enjoy the long cultural history of Tianxin Pavilion, or sing by Orange Island, or visit the former residence of Jia Yi.

Changsha is a cultural tourism city, which blends tradition and modernity, elegance and fashion, culture and economy. We look forward to your visit, experiencing and enjoying the beautiful Changsha with us.

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