ITTC 2023 Sponsorship Instructions
Name Exclusive Naming for Exploration
Sponsorship Amount RMB 40000
Quota 1
List of sponsorship benefits
Category Item No. Detail Remarks
A Print Advertisement 1 The partner logo appears on the public announcement of the annual meeting (including media, annual meeting introduction, posters, etc.) (the company provides the logo in AI format) -
B Host Materials Conference Supplies 1 Conference bag printing company name/Logo (The company provides the logo in AI format) -
2 Distribution of company promotional materials at the conference registry -
C Independent Naming Activity Exploration 1 Naming rights (related publicity materials) Exclusive
2 Selection and determination of exploration content Exclusive
3 Enterprise exclusive souvenir distribution right (prepared by sponsor) Exclusive
D Feedback from the Organizing Committee Theme Activities 1 Logo marked on the board during the conference (the company provides the logo in AI format) -
2 Gala Dinner Tickets (Two) -
*Some of the privileges are limited, so first come first served upon signing the contract
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